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True Tail
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Our tale begins in the medieval land of SplitPaw, an enchanted fantasy Kingdom full of magic, where one of the greatest professions a young child can strive for is to become a hero!

We follow the adventures of Caleb, a young kitten who wants to be the greatest hero SplitPaw has ever known. Luckily for him and his friends, there is True Tail, a school for heroes-in-training. Within the school's mighty walls, a young hero can learn how to save a damsel, practice their swordsmanship, and discover what it takes to harness the magical energy permeating throughout the land. Together with Melody, Viktor and Doh-Li, Caleb is going to discover the hero he was destined to be!

These kids may look cute and cuddly, but training to be a hero is no joke! Caleb may be small, but he is not going to let his size stop him from swinging his sword on the front lines. Good thing Melody always has his back. With her lute and high energy this bard sings magical songs to empower even the weakest of heroes. However, sometimes you need a little brainpower to solve those complicated problems, and that's where Doh-Li comes in. Born into a family of honorable mages, this young kirin is truly gifted at casting spells and brewing any potion to heal a weary hero's wounds. Lastly, there is Viktor, the boy who was raised by a family of pirates, only to realize he'd rather have crowds screaming his name in admiration, instead of them yelling for him to return their jewels. These crazy four make up our main group in True Tail, but they are not the only characters in our story...

We also have Garth, the barbarian pup who comes from a family of Vikings. He is determined to be a mighty warrior, in both the classroom and on the sports field! Dylan, the shy and nervous wizard unicorn, who comes from a family of world-renowned mages. Harper, the sassy mockingbird bard, who is the queen bee. And Ami the young adventurous raccoon, who can take down any boy that gets in her way.

Every hero needs a villain or a rival, and the bad boy of this series is Elder. The only son of a powerful sorcerer, his skills with magic are just a little too good! Along with Atticus, a scribe that has the power to spell doom for any that try to best him in academics - Lyra, a wolf whose song will enchant all to do her bidding - and Boris, a sweet minotaur who only shows his true power in battle. These are the prodigal four, and they make up the elite students at True Tail, who only do one thing, and that's win!


The Professors at True Tail are some of the wisest, strongest and weirdest cast of characters - from the bumbling Barbarian warthog, to the headstrong panther Huntress, or the simple-minded mole Scribe. Since the dawning of time there have been heroes all around SplitPaw and some of the most well-known ones have found a home teaching the next generation of heroes at True Tail. Each of these champions will teach Caleb and his friends about teamwork and how to help others, in their own special ways. However, Caleb better behave, lest he gets burned by the Dean, who just so happens to be a firebreathing dragon!

Detention is no joke at True Tail and this is due to Eldritch the dungeonmaster. Although the school is a calm and safe place to learn and grow, there is a darkness brewing. Unknown to Caleb and his friends, the master of detention is none other than the ruler of the dark mythical creatures of Splitpaw.  Eldritch and his minions have one goal: to do away with True Tail, thus ending the next generation of heroes who are always getting in the way of his evil plans. It will be up to Caleb and his friends to take this villain down! They’ll need to make use of everything they have learned if they even want to stand a chance against this crazy cockatrice.


The entirety of this series takes place at True Tail Academy: a mighty castle built by the land's greatest heroes. It has everything a would-be hero needs: archery fields, training grounds, living quarters, and dozens of classrooms. The castle lies at the heart of a village full of shops and inns run by some of the most interesting characters. Outside the safety of the village's borders lie the untamed wilds of SplitPaw!

SplitPaw is a land of heroes and magic. It's easy for one to find themselves in giant mushroom forests, mountains of crystal, or electrical swamps. The inhabitants that call SplitPaw home come in many different shapes and sizes, from the giant Bear Knights of the Ursa Empire, to the roving Fox Pirates of the Northern Seas, and the immortal Phoenix Wizards of the floating city of Zaster. Fortune and adventure await those that are willing to claim it!

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